How does Immoblade solutions differ from traditional solar protection solutions?

Immoblade solutions are the only ones in the market to combine these 2 features:

  • They are seasonally oriented and are therefore effective all year round. In summer, they block the sun like the best solar control glazing, and they let it through in winter to benefit from solar gain, like clear glazing.

  • They are totally fixed and integrated into the glazing. This eliminates maintenance and operating costs, while guaranteeing thermal performance regardless of user manipulation.

Moreover, our solutions have been designed to be as simple as possible from its production to its implementation. They have a low-tech production method, a low carbon footprint and an identical installation to a traditional double glazing.

Which product is best suited for your project?

  • Generally, Immoblade MiniBlade is suitable for smaller windows (less than 2.5m high).

  • Immoblade Serigraphy is appropriate for large glazing (e.g., curtain walls, skylights).

These criteria are to be appreciated according to the nature of your project; do not hesitate to contact us, and we will advise you on your project.

What does GreenTech Innovation and Efficient Solution labels stand for?

  • Greentech Innovation is a label from the French Ministry of Ecological Transition that distinguishes the capacity of our innovations to meet the challenges of the energy transition, and our growth perspectives.

  • Our product Immoblade MiniBlade is one of the 1000 "Efficient Solutions" listed by the Solar Impulse Foundation due to its ecological impact, its economic feasibility, and its deployment potential.


What are the performances of our solutions?

Our two solutions have a variable solar factor depending on the project. But our typical performance figures are as follows:

  • Immoblade MiniBlade has a solar factor of at least 25% in summer and over 50% in winter, and a light transmission of at least 55%.

  • Immoblade Serigraphy has a solar factor of less than 25% in summer and more than 35% in winter, and a light transmission of at least 39%.

What is the insulation coefficient values Ug (Uw) of our solutions?

Our solutions have no impact on the Ug-value of the glazing, which depends on the chosen glazing composition.

The Uw value will depend solely on the joinery and the chosen glazing composition.

Is our glazing compatible with any type of joinery?

Our solutions are compatible with wood, aluminium, or PVC joinery.

In the case of a renovation project, the condition of the joinery is studied. Depending on its dimensions and life span, Immoblade products can be installed without changing the existing joinery.

Can IMMOBLADE be added to existing glazing?

Both Immoblade Serigraphy and Immoblade MiniBlade are complete solar protection glazing and are therefore not solutions (such as stickers) that can be integrated into existing glazing. Our products can be integrated to any type of joinery, but this requires a change of glazing.

Are our products insured?

Immoblade solutions are covered by a 10-year product liability insurance (Acte IARD, SMA BTP group).

How much does it cost per m²?

The price per square meter is difficult to evaluate because it depends on different factors such as the deadline, the total surface, or the glazed composition.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project!


Can our innovation replace the implementation of an adjustable sunshade?

Yes, our solutions offer the same seasonal benefits and have similar performances to those of an adjustable sunshade.

Are the blades inside the MiniBlade fixed or adjustable?

The solar protection frames of our solutions are totally fixed, to guarantee the absence of maintenance. It is the sun that moves, not our solutions.

Does it also work in the South?

Our solutions are relevant in all facade orientations and in the latitudes of temperate climate zones, where the seasons are distinct.

Does the Immoblade MiniBlade glazing allow to see out?

The patented blade shape maximizes outward visibility while providing optimal thermal performance.
You can see it by looking at the pictures of our projects.