IMMOBLADE Mini-blades

Our development team is currently developing your ultimate solar protection: IMMOBLADE mini-blades, a standard double-glazed window, with IMMOBLADE louvers that fit in the space between glazing.

Each blade is about 10-mm wide and inclined optimally. More important: it is fixed.


This passive and simple solution has astonishing thermal performances, with a Sun factor (g) varying by a factor 5 between winter and summer, equaling performances of the best dynamic systems.

Associated with clear-glass glazing, it is compatible with fully standard double-glazed windows (4-16-4 or 4-20-4), with no over-cost for the frame or for installation. It is also cost-effective over its life-time, with no maintenance, and no over-cost for glass-cleaning.

This product is protected by several international patents.

With the first foreseen facades expected in 2019 for pilot projects, the full industrial capability is expected for 2020.

Miniaturised, the inclined lines of the IMMOBLADE mini-blades allow and exclellent transparency of the glazing.


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