A simple and optimal concept for buildings' solar protection

IMMOBLADE develops innovative products controlling the effect of sunlight by blocking it in summer while letting it through in winter.

The main system (Immoblade MiniBlades) is composed of miniaturised metallic blades inserted in the window double-glazing. It is passive, and has therefore a life-long reliability and does not require any maintenance. Immoblade ministore was selected in May 2020 by the Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the "1000 efficient solutions". IMMOBLADE also exist for multi-layer glazing using serigraphy to mimic the effect of blades.

The optimal angles of the blades are calculated for each window by a proprietary software.

IMMOBLADE aims at becoming the reference solution for architects and prime contractors, giving them the possibility to offer buildings with wider windows, optimal levels of thermal performances and light comfort at lower operating costs. This innovation is protected by several patents and has been recognized by an international prize.

This product will address first the market of large buildings for professional use, such as offices, malls, schools, hospitals, sport centers. It is at its best performances in temperate climate where heating is needed in winter and solar protection in summer.


  • Summer : No direct sunlight

  • Winter : All sunlight passes through

No maintenance

  • Fixed, passive system

  • Full performances for decades

Elegant and simple

  • Miniaturised design

  • Customised