Proof of Concept

For 3 weeks during the 2017 summer, Airbus Defense and Space Facility in Toulouse authorised us to test the IMMOBLADE concept in real conditions. The main objective was a full-scale test of the concept in front of the windows of a two meeting rooms. This experiment was also the opportunity to test for the first time building users about the esthetics and visual comfort of the system.

  • Main features : 

    • Facility: Airbus DS Toulouse​ (latitude 43°)

    • Building: P2, ground-level.

    • Type of rooms: Meeting rooms.

    • Window orientation: 106° (almost W)

    • Equiped area: 10 m2

    • Type of Sun-breackers: Concept Immoblade, 28-mm-wide thin plastic blades

    • Installed externally

    • Test phase: from July 20th to August 3rd 2017.

  • Main findings :​

    • Proof of concept in real conditions

  • Building user Testing:

    • >85%​ satisfaction rate

    • "Elegant" was a common feedback. Often simply unnoticed.

    • Warm light during afternoons

Fact: internal blinders were never operated by any user during the 3 weeks of experiment.​

Test Immoblade

The video that shows every thing

The POC on August 3rd p.m.

System opacity to direct Sun light: 95%

The IMMOBLADE team in front of the POC.