Immoblade Serigraphy

Immoblade Serigraphy is the most elegant version of the IMMOBLADE concept.


The printing mainly consists of inclined stripes, which are reproduced on several thicknesses of the laminated glazing, with a total thickness of 12 mm. These features then play with the sun depending on the season, letting it largely pass in winter, while blocking it in summer.


These stripes are silver in appearance and are only partially opaque, allowing you to see through the glass in all directions. Transparent patterns add to the elegance of the design, and help with visual comfort.

An elegant facade, very strong sun protection (<20% solar factor in summer) and with good transparency, this is the promise of this exceptional product. This product is particularly suitable for large glass surfaces (canopies, double-skin facade, large glass halls, ...) where there is a particular fear of summer heat.

The two videos below show Immoblade Sérigraphie in operation, without patterns or with decorative patterns (Logo).